Thornton & Liebowitz


Our Mission 

Our Goal is to provide the best results for our clients while building a Reputation that our employees can be proud of. This Company prides itself in creating top quality agents that not only have pride in themselves but also in the service and products they represent, they are always in the frame of mind that the client is, meaning they think about creating a success of the account they are working on, like it's their own. This is the type of characteristic that is needed and fostered here at Thornton & Liebowitz.

What We Do

Thornton & Liebowitz Provides Leads that are generated in multiple ways using the best scientific methods and practical applications, our Research implemented is a mix of online and offline data that has been provided by said lead and or has been based on the leads own characteristics, and or said leads decision making on any of the many funnels that the lead has used and or volunteered their information via questionnaires and forms for prize or entering a  competition. Getting quality Leads is the Name of the Game and we play to win, we provide excellent leads with relevant information, our leads are also priced at a bargain, we do the research and create the best ways to retrieve leads that will be worth while.

Our Team

Our Teams are comprised of Highly skilled professionals that have excelled in their fields and have been at the forefront of creative techniques in the fields of Data gathering and research of Data, we have created methods of gathering data that provide relevant data, but our techniques also provide information on the leads likeliness of being accepting to proposals that are of interest to the lead. We have structured means of using our sales teams and qualifying teams to generate results that are cost effective and beneficial to most businesses, we do the work for you, we support your teams by getting the leg work done, this enables you and your team to easily turn it into a sale. our teams are also able to pitch in and provide assistance in the many avenue of BPO, we have structured our business to enable services in customer service, order taking, appointment setting, technical procedures like, how to operate a specific software, or devices, basically troubleshooting many different issues, we have teams that will be trained in your specific requirements and will easily  adapt and in most cases excel in providing the quality service you want to provide to your clients. we understand that the way clients are handled will reflect on your business, that is why our teams are taught to be as professional as possible.