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Call Center Services

We do the Research & Data Gathering For you.

Our Teams Excel at this

It's our business to get you quality Leads. We create the best possible options to help make your lead successful for your company, and we do so by utilizing the best processes available. we innovate and create ways to get it done with a better chance of being successful and we excel at it.

Call Center Services

We offer Call Center services like Customer Service, Sales, Order Taking, Appointment Setting, Tech Support. These services are offered at an additional cost and are options that can be specifically tailored to your needs. We have services that include Dedicated Teams and Shared Pools. Pricing models that can provide better options for your budget, including monthly, per minute, and per hour.  

Sales Team

The Sales teams call the leads you purchased and try to convert them into sales. The team will be dedicated to your business and are paid to uphold the policies of this company, that means they will do their best on your behalf and try to generate as much sales as possible. These teams are also available for verifying leads (scrubbed leads), this means they won't go beyond verifying, and will send the call or information to you or your own pro sales team. Our Teams are available even if you don't purchase our leads, you might just require the team to verify or complete sales calls, we can help.

Contact Teams

Tired of calling leads? it can be overwhelming, you might be good at what you do, but when it comes to calling leads to find interested clients you might not have the interest, that's why we decided to offer the leads contact team, they will call the leads and find the interest, once they have an interested prospect they will transfer the lead to your sales office or numbers that you designate. this option is good for groups or teams that want to pool their resource together, Ex: group of brokers that share the expense of purchasing  our bulk leads and or team to work bulk leads. this is good strategy because it will minimize the cost to each broker.

1000 lead x $5 = $5000 divide that by 5 brokers and you're paying $1000 for 1000 leads that is going to give you leads at a cost of $1 dollar. 

Contact team including two professionals $10,000 per month, divide that by 5 brokers and you will be paying $2000 per month to have your leads contacted and scrubbed to find real interest, once the leads is verified, we will transfer the lead to your sales office.

One way our clients work our strategy is by agreeing to split the profits of all sales generated from the leads and the service of our contact teams. all our call are recorded and all information is available, so with the agreement to be able to show a list of all mortgages closed through your sales office, cross referenced by the information transferred  by our contact team, which at an additional charge can send a end of the month report of all leads that were interested and transferred, this will ensure that the brokers can enjoy utilizing this excellent strategy without worry. Join our many clients that are enjoying success by utilizing our strategy.