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We do the Research & Data Gathering For you.

Our Teams Excel at this

It's our business to get you the things you need. We create the best possible options for your company, and we do so by utilizing the best processes available. we innovate and create ways to get it done with a better chance of being successful and we excel at it.

1) Leads are not guaranteed to be interested.

2) Leads are not guaranteed to be a sale.

3) Leads are qualified by interest shown in said service by one or more of the venues our leads are generated.

4) Leads are sold as might be interested, assumption of lead being interested is derived from qualifying actions prospect lead takes from the multiply sources available ( all leads are sold this way, no matter who you get them from ) We provide quality leads with a good chance of conversion.

4) Some leads are generated within 24Hr time frame, some are not. 

5) There is no refund on leads sold.

6) As in the case with all leads, your sales team will have to make contact multiply times, and try to get the lead interested in your company's special offer.

7) It is Industry knowledge that turning leads into sales is a numbers game, the more leads you contact with your offer the better your chances of finding a leads interested in your specific offer. 

8) Generating sales from leads will require skilled or experienced sales agents. 

9) Some leads might not act interested at the moment for different reasons, it is common practice to continue to make contact over time. Example : some leads might have researched but are not ready to pull the trigger, some are interested now, but are still thinking about what is best, so you might get a not interested, some might have realized they cannot afford, some might be ready right away, some might have been contacted and made a decision so they tell you they are not interested  ( try to contact leads right away, and continue to make contact even if they at first seem not interested ) Some might be waiting to see who has the best deal, so it is up to your skilled and or experiance sales team to convert their interest into a sale by pointing out the benefits of taking advantage of  your company's special offer. 

10) Our scrubbed leads are not guaranteed to be a sale. 

11) Scrub teams are not going to make sales on your behalf, they will contact leads or if leads make contact they will ask the qualifying questions, if the leads pass the transfer criteria, then the lead will be transferred to your company.

12) Sales teams are not guaranteed to make sales, but are required to do their best to create sales on your behalf. 

13) There is no refunds on scrub or sales team services

14) Sales Teams and Scrub teams will be dedicated to your company and will work as if they are your own team dedicated to your company's success.

15) You will have to provide the content and necessary materials required to create a successful sales program, you will have to pay up front cost for training the teams you require, we also offer a strategic package that will include structuring the content and training the team or teams you require.

16) It will take some time to train, and or to implement necessary changes, updates, and integrations, time frame is dependent on what is required, this will require a consultation, once we have an idea of what you will require we will put together a quote with the time frame and price. 

17) We are able to tailor to your requirements if your requirements fit within what it is we provide.

18) We offer services of  limited qualifications, highly skilled & technical. Technical consist of different levels. Our Technical Teams have the same requirements needed at start up with different up front cost.