Thornton & Liebowitz

Lead Types

We do the Research & Data Gathering For you.

Our Teams Excel at this

It's our business to get you the things you need. We create the best possible options for your company, and we do so by utilizing the best processes available. we innovate and create ways to get it done with a better chance of being successful and we excel at it.

Business Time Frame Leads 

This type of lead basically is researched and proven to have a high chance of requiring specific services, it's something that is needed if that business is going to become successful or at the very least generate profit. kind of like needing internet, or phone service, even you need that right, so the chances are pretty high but not guaranteed, if you offer something that is required then these leads will be and excellent option. These leads have a potential to be easily converted with the right offer and sales team, if you need a sales team we can try for you in an exclusive structure, so you won't have the competition, the team you get is dedicated and loyal you and your business. 

Standard Leads

Standard Leads consist businesses & Individuals that have shown some type interest in getting new, upgrading, or just want to switch, they are the companies & individuals that fit under the standard scenario of researching and or requesting information for specific topics, most all lead purchasers are familiar with and have used these types  leads they are the typical leads.

Scrubbed Leads 

Scrubbed Leads are the best. its leads that we call on your behalf (extra cost ) or have verified, by different points of Contact. It's the type of lead all want, because it eliminates the hassle. Scrubbed Leads yield tremendous potential if worked by an experienced team. There are different points you can choose, some are by email, forms, calls, and the others are by our team reaching out. we have highly trained teams that will call leads and fine the interest, when they do, we let your experienced sales team take over and win the sale, or you can hire this company to also be the sales team, this will be additional. 

Sales Team

The Sales team pretty much calls the leads you purchased and try to convert them into sales. The team will be dedicated to your business and are paid to uphold the policies of this company, that means they will do their best on your behalf and try to generate as much sales as possible. These teams are also available for  verifying leads (scrubbed leads), this means they won't go beyond verifying, and will send the call or information to you or your own pro sales team. Our Teams are available even if you don't purchase our leads, you might just require the team to verify or complete sales calls, we can help.

Sale on Time

Time can be your Friend if it brings you some awesome pricing. We provide leads at a discounted rate, these are typically within the weeks to months phase, and are still viable, these leads are mostly analyzed data that will still have a high chance of converting into a sale 

Addition Service

We have created multiple avenues to create options for our clients that will be able to satisfy their needs for Call Center services like Customer Service, Sales, Order Taking, and Appointment Setting. These services are offered at an additional cost and are options that can be specifically tailored to your needs.