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We do the Research & Data Gathering For you.

Our Teams Excel at this

It's our business to get you the things you need. We create the best possible options for your company, and we do so by utilizing the best processes available. we innovate and create ways to get it done with a better chance of being successful and we excel at it.

                                                  Minimum Purchase of  20 required

Qualified Live Transfer 

Price : $200 to $500 per transfer (depending on Industry)

$100 per transfer per batch of 50

(depending on the industry) $200 per transfer per batch of 50

Real Time Leads (emailed) 

Price : $75 to 150 per lead or $1000 per batch of 50

New Business and Homeowner Leads (Fresh Leads)  on going sale!!!

Price : $5 per lead  or  $1000 per batch of  500

Standard Leads ( Fresh Leads)

Price : $10 per lead or $700 per batch of 100 

Discount Leads ( Fresh Leads )

Price : $ 3.50 per leads or $525 per batch of 300

Scrubbed leads

Please contact to set up Consultation

Sales / Technical Teams

Please contact to set up a Consultation  

Exclusive leads generation for your business

Please contact to set up a consultation

Bulk Leads Pricing  Fresh (specific leads )

$2 per 1000 leads (Fresh Leads) 

$1.60 per lead per batch of 2000

Discounted old Leads

$.75 per lead per batch of 3000 

Real time Leads : The interest is captured and sent to you in hours after categorization & compilation.

Live Transfer : The interest is routed to the next client in line for each specific category, Or Generated Exclusively to your business.

Live Transfer Qualified : The interest is routed to our agents and then asked the qualifying questions, if interested then the leads is sent to you, Ex : are you currently trying to purchase this service now, differs  for industry.

Scrubbed Leads : Our agents call the leads you purchase and ask if they are interested in getting the service, if yes they will transfer the call to you or your office. This is typically used for brokers or teams that share cost, clients might pool together and purchase a lot of  fresh leads, and hire or teams to call for them and find the interest leads right away, depending on the industry our teams can also sell for you.